About Me

Hello I’m Sarah, an artist and illustrator currently based in the Cotswolds.

I have enjoyed creating art from a young age and always wanted to be an artist. I studied illustration at university and have a BA (hons) degree from the Arts University at Bournemouth. My medium of choice is watercolour as I love the way I can build it up and use different techniques to paint expressively and fluidly or be more controlled and precise. I also like working in gouache occasionally and adding pencil details to my illustration too.

Most of my work is observation based as I love to capture the things that I find beautiful and recreate my image of them in an artwork. I am inspired by nature and wildlife as well as my surroundings here in Cheltenham, which is a beautiful town full of gorgeous regency buildings and surrounded by beautiful hills and countryside.

As you might be able to tell from my pet portrait gallery, I absolutely adore dogs! This inspired me to start creating pet portraits so I can work on some artworks of gorgeous animals and make pet owners happy with my paintings! It’s a very rewarding process for me and I hope that my clients will enjoy their paintings as much as I do creating them and have a beautiful piece of artwork to display in their homes or give to loved ones as gifts. I’ve done quite a few commissions that were gifts for people which go down very well, as they are such a personal and thoughtful gift. What pet owner wouldn’t want to celebrate and commemorate their beloved animal companion!

I’m currently available for commissions for illustration work and pet portraits so if you would like your furry friend captured in a bespoke piece of artwork, or need an illustration get in touch!