Botanical watercolour painting of a tulip



botanical watercolour painting of pink tulip

As promised, here is a painting I’ve completed in the botanical watercolour style I’ve been practising. I bought myself some lovely tulips so had something pretty to decorate my room with as well :-).

I think I’d like to do a painting focusing on the flower head of a tulip maybe, as that is the most interesting part and it would look good if it was bigger!

Have a lovely weekend!



Practising watercolour illustration

White cosmos watercolour illustration

I’ve been learning how to do watercolour illustration and practising a more realistic, botanical technique. These two artworks are from some lessons I did and are just tutorial images.  Creating these images has really got me into the technique and working with this medium, which is quite different from what I have done with gouache in the past. It takes quite a lot of control and very careful looking to see all the details that need to be painted but I’m really pleased with the images I’ve created. I still like my old style of painting but learning something new has been really fun and is inspiring me to develop my style into something new.
Blueberry watercolour illustration


Botanical Illustration

Inspiration comes from botanical artists and especially Anna Mason whose online lessons have helped me to get to know this kind of painting. Anna Mason’s work is very precise and shows beautifully the forms, patterns and textures of fruit, flowers and more. She has done a particularly stunning painting of an owl that I love. Rosie Sanders is another botanical artist that I love. She captures really deep colours and creates large compositions of flower heads and close ups that really celebrate the flowers she paints.


I’m hoping to continue working with watercolour now I have more of a grasp of it. There are so many techniques using this kind of paint and I’m inspired to try to mix up some of the more realistic techniques with a more loose and watery approach in some parts of the watercolour illustration. I think I’m going to need a lot of practice to loosen up now I’ve learnt this technique! It has helped me develop more patience when creating artworks, now I love spending time on my paintings and getting them to the finished standard.

I’ll be back later in the week with more artworks and watercolour illustration and details of my progression since starting to use watercolour.