Cotswold Door Painting in the making

Another Cotswold door painting in progress. This time with lovely purple and yellow flowers in the front of it (that have yet to be painted!). I will be starting to sell some of my prints online soon so keep an eye out!

I also am thinking about starting to take custom commissions and creating paintings of peoples front doors and houses. What do you think about getting a custom painting of your house or front door? Could make a good gift for a house proud home owner! Or a nice wedding or moving in gift for a couple.


cotswold door painting in progress on easel

Willersey door image

Willersey Door

I am an illustrator and artist based in Cheltenham. My most recent work is a painting of a door in the Cotswold village of Willersey. It’s a cute little village not far from Cheltenham where I work from. I love to paint quaint and pretty elements like this, they are just so beautiful to look at! If you want to see more have a look at my website: