Watercolour pet portraits and website updates

Watercolour painting of dalmatian

Hello! I’ve been busy lately working on some water colour pet portraits. If you’re following me on instagram or facebook you might have seen some of the work I’ve been doing. This dalmatian painting is one of them. I’m planning on updating my website soon to reflect the pet portraiture work I’m now doing, so don’t be alarmed if things are looking a bit odd for a while whilst I’m doing this! If you want to get in touch I’m still available for commissions for pet portraits or illustration work so either send me an email or contact me through facebook or instagram or through this website.

If you’re not already following me on social media and you want to, here are my accounts:

instagram: heyrara
facebook: Sarah Douglas Illustration
witter: @iamsarahdouglas

Do get in touch, and feedback is welcome if you like what I’m doing! 🙂

Thank you everyone!




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